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ARM Innovations Private Limited(AICERT) is Accredited with IAS with Accreditation number MSCB-281 for Management System Certifications.

About IAS:
IAS stands for International Accreditation Services. As one of the leading accreditation bodies in the United States of America. IAS is a signatory to the four primary international organisations that form a unified system for evaluating and recognising competent accreditation bodies worldwide.

IAS is a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation that has been providing accreditation services since 1975. It accredits a wide range of companies and organizations including governmental entities, commercial businesses, and professional associations. IAS accreditation programs are based on recognized national and international standards that ensure domestic and/or global acceptance of its accreditation

ARM Innovations Private Limited(AICERT) is accredited with IAS Accreditation for the following Standards/Schemes:
  • 1. QMS: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems).
  • 2. ISMS: ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management Systems).