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Appeal Handling Process

  • A client can send its appeal through e-mail, fax, or using traditional mail.
  • Aicert has formed a committee that deals with appeals and complaints.
  • On receipt of an appeal, the committee gathers, evaluates, and verifies all necessary information to validate the appeal.
  • The appeal is recorded, acknowledged and communicated to the appellant by the committee.
  • The committee carries out investigation of the appeal taking into account results of previous similar appeals.
  • The committee then submits a report indicating the results of investigation and the actions to be taken as well as the reply to be sent to the client.
  • The final decision is made by the committee on the basis of the review of report received from committee /Nominee. In case the committee was previously involved in the certification decision related to appeal, the decision is taken by another nominated person who was not previously involved in the specific certification audit / decision process.
  • The committee tracks and records the actions taken and the appellant is kept informed by the committee on the progress till the appeal is resolved. At the end of appeal handling process, formal notice is given to the appellant by the committee.
  • The committee ensures that appropriate correction and corrective actions are identified and implemented where required.
  • The committee ensures that submission, investigation and decision on appeals, shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellants.
  • The committee submits report to Director Technical and the decision is communicated to the appellant.
  • The progress report is sent to the appellant and requests him for the feedback within fifteen days. If the appellant does not come back it means the appeal is resolved.
  • The progress report is shown and discussed with impartiality committee.
  • Confidentiality is maintained throughout.