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Audit Process

The Audit Process has two key stages:

  • Application Stage
  • Audit Stage

Application Stage

  • The client fills in a form that gives us basic information about their organization, people involved and operation processes.
  • Based upon the information provided, we furnish proposal to client. We furnish the proposal with complete details like costing, methodology, requirements, and accreditation scope, timescales, terms & conditions and general requirements.
  • Following client’s acceptance of our proposal, an agreement is signed between the client and Aicert.
  • Post agreement, a detailed audit plan is created by Aicert and shared with client. The idea is that the audit plan/schedule is agreed upon by Aicert as well as the client.

Audit Stage


  • Audit Management system documentation received from the client to determine adequacy with respect to the relevant standard.
  • Compile a detailed report based on the study of the quality documentation and discuss the same with client.
  • Client shall remove the inadequacies of the above steps and prepares the quality documentation to demonstrate the compliance.
  • Conduct a pre-audit which will be a detailed, on-site audit of the client’s implemented documented system against the company's working practices and the appropriate quality standard.


  • Stage-2 audit will be an assessment audit, which will be carried out after stage-1 audit’s inadequacies have been removed and the organization is all set to demonstrate the compliance to the selected international standard.
  • At the close of the stage-2 audit, the Lead Auditor will leave his/her recommendation with the client organization. If any non-conformances are raised, they will be discussed at the earliest opportunity.