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Complaint Handling Process

  • The complaint can be received by e-mail, fax, written, verbal. Aicert shall only accept such complaints with proper identification of the person.
  • On receipt of complaint, the committee evaluates gathers and verifies all necessary information to validate the complaint. In case it is confirmed that the complaint relates to certification activities, the committee shall initiate investigation.
  • Director ensures that the persons engaged in complaints handling process are different from those who carried out audits and made the certification decisions.
  • If the complaint is about certified clients, it is communicated to the concerned client at an appropriate time. The complaint is recorded, acknowledged and communicated to the complainant by the committee.
  • Complaints are investigated by the committee for deciding actions to be taken in response to the complaint.
  • In case the complaint is against the certified client, the investigation shall consider the effectiveness of certified management system and any actions required are decided by the committee.
  • The committee implements the actions decided and track the actions taken till its completion. The committee also ensures that corrections and appropriate corrective actions are implemented and completed where required.
  • Whenever possible, the committee communicates the progress on the actions to the complainant and at the end of complaint closure; formal notice is given to the complainant.
  • The above activities of complaint handling process are subjected to requirement for confidentiality as it relates to the complainant and to the subject of the complaint.
  • The progress report is sent to the complainant and requests him for the feedback within fifteen days. If the complainant does not come back it means the complaint is resolved.
  • The committee determines, together with client and complainant, whether and, if so to what extent, the subject of the complaint and its resolution shall be made public.
  • Corrective actions as required are dealt with as per procedure (Corrective and Preventive Action).
  • The progress report is shown and discussed with impartiality committee.
  • Confidentiality is maintained throughout.