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Certification And Use Of Mark

  • Customer shall be authorized to only use the Certification Mark (where the Aicert logo is embedded) corresponding to the applicable Management System Certification standard.
  • Customer may only refer to the Certification, including use of the Certification Mark, provided he holds a valid Certificate of Conformity. Reference to Certification and use of Certification Marks must not imply that the certification applies to activities or part of the organization that are outside the scope of certification.
  • The Certification Mark shall be used on Customer's letters, documents and other promotional material. For Management System Certification Schemes, the Certification Mark must not be used in any way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity. Accordingly the Certification Mark must not be shown on a product or product packaging, samples of products or test certificates for products.
  • Certification mark of Aicert shall not be permitted to be applied to lab tests, calibration or inspection reports.
  • The Certification Mark shall only be shown in standard size and design. Standard size and design may be obtained from Aicert on request. The Certification Mark must never be shown as larger than Customer's own logo, but the Certification Mark must always be shown in its entirety.
  • In case of suspension or withdrawal of a certificate the Customer shall discontinue its use of all advertising matter containing a reference to Certification.
  • In case of incorrect reference to Certification status or misleading use of certification documents or marks, Aicert shall request corrective actions, suspension or withdrawal of certificate, publication of the transgression or, if necessary, legal action.
  • Customer shall abide by the above aspects with respect of use of the Certification Mark.
  • Customer shall not use certification in a manner that would bring Aicert and or/certification system into disrepute and loose public trust.
  • It is required that the customer shall not make or permit any statement with respect to its certification, which is misleading. Also the client shall not allow or use the use of certification document or any part of it which is misleading
  • In case of reduction of the scope of certification, the client shall modify the communication media matters like advertising etc. appropriately
  • The management system certified by Aicert shall not be used by its clients in such a way which implies that Aicert has certified a product (including service) or process. At the same time, the client shall not give any impression in any manner that certification applies to activities that are outside the scope of certification.