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Any information of client acquired/created by Aicert, during information gathering, audit or during certification process or otherwise shall be kept confidential and shall not be divulged to any third party. To this effect:

  • The above shall be applicable to all Aicert personnel and any outside organization to which Aicert may employ for a particular work to be carried out. The outside organization shall include any organization or individual acting on behalf of Aicert.
  • All personnel of Aicert shall execute a Non Disclosure Agreement with Aicert.
  • Any outside organization working on behalf of Aicert shall execute NDA with Aicert for confidentiality for Aicert and the client, for which the outside organization has been engaged.
  • Aicert or the outside organization working on behalf of Aicert shall abide by security requirements of the clients.
  • Aicert shall ensure the safe handling and storage of confidential information.
  • Aicert shall not disclose any information to third party about client or individual without obtaining prior written permission. In case the information is required legally by a third party, the client or individual shall , unless regulated by law, be notified in advance.
  • Information received from other sources (Regulator, complaints) about the client, shall also be treated as confidential and shall be dealt with as per policy.
  • In case any hard copies of client records are collected for the purpose of audit, they will be kept in lock and key. They will be returned when there is no further need at the earliest.
  • In case soft copies of client records are collected, they will be stored in PCs that are secured by user id and password. They will be removed when there is no further need at the earliest.